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Start your collection with this merch featuring a one-of-a-kind portrait by the iconic Iranian photographer, Shahrokh Hatami (1928 – 2017). The Fab4ConJam Event Merch Store has acquired exclusive rights to bring this amazing piece of history to Beatles collectors!

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The Fab Four Quad, Liverpool, 1963

RARE AND FAMOUS BEATLES PORTRAITS Photographed in the Cavern Club by Hatami in 1963!

The Beatles made their first appearance at the Cavern Club on 9 February 1961 after returning to Liverpool from a stint in Hamburg, Germany. They went on to make 292 appearances at the club in just over 2 years, with their last occurring on 3 August 1963. By this time "Beatlemania" was sprouting heartily across England, with girls clamoring to see The Beatles and screaming when they got a glimpse of them. Because of this, the group was forced to hide out and sneak into their concerts, and the small club could no longer satisfy audience demand.

In December of 1963, Iranian photographer Shahrokh Hatami (1928 - 2017) was sent to Liverpool by Paris Match to cover the Beatlemania phenomenon. He met up with “the lads” on a day that they had multiple performances in their hometown, with a short break in-between. The band, along with their crew, and Hatami decided to ride out their time between gigs in hiding, at their now-legendary hometown venue, The Cavern Club.

The club was known for being situated in a cellar, so Hatami was prepared for a low-light shooting situation. In addition to his standard black & white film, he brought along some special tungsten color film to the shoot, in order to make the most of the ambient light and to try to avoid using a flash in such close-quarters.

Hatami photographed the band in the backstage dressing room area, where they had spent countless hours in the years prior. In addition to candid group shots of the band smoking, reading fan mail, and looking over magazines, he captured them tuning their instruments as they began to prepare for their next performance. They are dressed in their matching turtlenecks and their iconic suits hang in protective bags on the wall behind the door. It's worth noting that these few shots are the earliest-known color photographs of The Beatles backstage at the Cavern.

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