The Experience

Come Together

There is no better time to Come Together to unite as global citizens than now, and be a part of a very special weekend.

On February 20-21, 2021, we are hosting an extraordinary event, unlike any other event produced – celebrating the most far-reaching and long-lasting phenomenon of our time; The Beatles.

An Infotainment 21st Century Event

  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Music and Footage
  • Music Streaming Technology
  • Lost Archive Stories
  • Private Collections
  • Extraordinary Lineup
  • Global Gathering

Featuring Legendary Contributors like Ivor Davis Chris O'Dell Ken Mansfield

Ivor Davis

"Today I am still astonished that people come up to me as if I’ve been sprinkled with invisible Beatle magic dust. I was just a lucky guy at the right place and right time – and who could have predicted it? No one."

Chris O'Dell

"...the Beatles were running the whole show and wanted it to be different. We had fun, and the sky was the limit for creativity and possibilities. Sadly, however, it cost them a lot of money. The party just had to come to an end."

Robyn Hitchcock

"If there was a genre called 'Beatles music' rather than called '60s pop or psychedelia or something, that would be what I play. There are other influences there, but the harmonies, the guitars, the tempos, the sounds, essentially, in my head anyways, [come from the Beatles]."

Chicago-based author and podcaster Robert Rodriguez has made it his work to study and present to the world his insights into the group and their history: with his books, his lectures and his podcast, Something About The Beatles.

Robert brought into his orbit countless folks who knew the Beatles – worked with them – had friendships with them – photographed them – recorded them – produced books and films on them – even a sibling (Mike McCartney). SATB is the NPR of the Beatles podcasts.

His wealth of contacts led him to take this great body of compelling stories into an interactive global online event: Fab4ConJam.

Coming on the scene just a year ago and partnering with Robert, Lisa Brazelton has been instrumental in transcending the Fab4ConJam vision to reality, creating the best possible event around the most legendary band of our time – The Beatles.   

Teaming with an incredible crew of professionals, she has been dedicated to producing an experience unparalleled to any of its kind, as a global coming together movement.   

However, this is not just an extraordinary lineup of insiders like the three eyewitnesses to the “rooftop concert”, or a close personal friend and photographer, but we have incredible musicians bringing the group’s music to life, on a video platform of cutting-edge technology that allows viewers at home to interact with the artists, speakers and interview subjects.

This two-day conference has never been produced before on such a worldwide scale and at such a technically accomplished level. The devotion that this group still inspires, across every demographic, ethnicity and age group, and has the power to unite, it has never been a more important time, like today, to bring joy and community back together.

Thank you for being a part of this celebratory time and uniting as one in spirit of The Beatles.

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