meet the crew

Lisa M. Brazelton

Managing Partner
When you combine 25 years of business acumen and thought leadership, together with feminine wisdom, the result is Divine Disruptor. Lisa M. Brazelton is a thriving global executive, who paves the way of doing business with revolutionary insight, creativity, and collaboration.

As a natural influencer, Lisa brings communities together, while transforming those who seek a deeper purpose in life. She is the founder of several companies, including CEO and Managing Partner of a leadership development company, as well as Managing Partner of an international meditation and mindfulness organization.

Lisa is a strategic advisor, author, and an internationally recognized educator on the intersection of human potential and the evolvement of our environment. She is also the architect of a transformational body of work in Self-Mastery.

Lastly, through her philanthropic endeavors, Lisa has created a non-profit educational platform that includes masterminds and personal growth for leaders, first-responders, and teachers across all sectors and all generations.

Nicole Flores

Design, Development, and Consulting
Nicole Flores is a coach and consultant for global brands. She has over 20 years experience as the CEO and Creative Director of an international company that specialized in brand development and building independent digital platforms that integrated community, academics, public events, and personal brands.

As a gifted intuitive, Nicole now applies her expansive knowledge and creativity to serve thought leaders and agents of change to help them transcend their ideas from mission to reality.

Nicole is also an international speaker, author, and teacher with a deep passion for the alchemy of understanding, strategy, and empowerment. She splits her time between the United States and England, and spends her free time in nature, at the movies, or hanging out with animals.

Russ Rodriguez

Broadcast Director and Technical Producer
Russ Rodriguez is an Emmy award-winning Broadcast Director and Technical Producer who specializes in sports and entertainment. His 30+ years in the industry have afforded him the opportunity of working on everything from the Super Bowls to Cochella. His broad base of experience has put him in demand providing consulting services in Technical Management and Coordination of Live Remote Broadcast Television Productions utilizing today's latest emerging technologies. Russ provides creative solutions from concept to delivery. Developing scripts, coordinate productions, broadcasting or streaming events live, manage the post-production process, and distribute in all media formats.


There are a lot of people suffering great losses due to the pandemic, including children. Children as a whole have the least loud voice who fight cancer. There is nothing more unspeakable than a parent watching their child suffer. Give a thought to the children and their families who face this battle during our extraordinary time of uncertainty. Together we can make a difference.

Fab4ConJam will donate a portion of each ticket sale to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

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